Sunday, February 23, 2014

Parisian Class: Laces and Prints

Hello everyone!
Since I am so so in love with everything Parisian this season, I am finally posting this for you guys -- blogging about everything PARIS. So this is my first epi-post (episode-post) of "Parisian Class". So anyway, my unbiological twin AnnaBanana and I shot these photographs at the gazebo/pool area of the Waterfront Hotel and Casino Cebu City, we took the chance of shooting that day since the both of us have the free time in the morning to do it, so.. here it is! 
By the way make sure to check her facebook page Photographs | A Photography

P.S. I'll have my debut photos post soon! 
Cherrios! x

Shirt: Department Store
Skirt: Forever21
Flats: SM Parisian

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