Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vote your Favorite Brand for the Annual HWB Awards!

I love my body so much that I only use products that are safe and effective for my skin, face and immune system, and only Watsons gave me so much options on different products to choose from to get that all-over healthy glow. So you got a skin, bath, supplement, dental and cosmetic care brand favorite? Wait no more because the Annual Health Wellness and Beauty Awards is fast approaching! The HWB Awards 2014 is an event where we recognize the top performing brands in Watsons stores nationwide and the People's Choice Award is one of the awards that you and I can vote. Vote for your favorite brand that works for you best but hurry! Tomorrow is the last day of voting for your favorite brand and you could get a chance to win exclusive Watsons GCs! 
Here's how to join, just log in to your facebook account and go to Watsons Philippines Page, click the Like button(if you haven't) and go directly to the voting page 
Have fun voting! x

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

My Top 10 Places To Travel

1. Paris, France

Of course, who wouldn't agree with me? Every girl's dream is to visit the City of Love and the Home of High Fashion. I just love how jazzy and classy Paris is, and I don't even have enough words to describe it! Paris is just, so, BEAUTIFUL. 

2. Melbourne, Australia

Or anywhere in Australia! I just love how innovative this place is and for the record, Australia is one of the most livable countries in the world especially Melbourne. I dreamed of living here since birth.

3. Santorini, Greece

Who can resist this beautiful place?! It's like a piece of paradise in a different construction! 

4. Maldives

This is just in Asia, below India and in between the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. I don't know how God crafted this place and I've got 2 words for this heavenly paradise, MAJESTICALLY AMAZING.

5. Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

Ahh, Philippines! I can't really describe of how much I love my country it's just, Irreplaceable. The Underground River in Puerto Princesa was one of the Seven Wonders of the World 2011 and I could say that this place is truly a WONDER!

6. Bethlehem and Jerusalem, Israel 

Jesus' birthplace and where he roams and partially resides. It would be a dream come true to visit this Miraculous place. I really really really want to go to the specific places in Israel where Jesus and His Disciples trod and made Miracles. 

7. Madrid, Spain

Espanya, where most physical Filipino features, culture and religion inherited. Trust me, if you're a Filipino and you have a foreign friend that comments/asks on why your last name sounds Spanish? There's no need to be in shock. This place is known for its rich culture and long-lived native language. Maybe if you fellow Filipinos out there can go to this place, it wouldn't be so hard for us to understand their language, right?

8. London, England

*British Accent mode On* Why hello there! Care for some refreshments? Have you seen the London Eye or the Big Ben? I can take you to the Buckingham Palace, if you please. Oh my bloody gosh! If I had a British accent as my mother accent I would never shut up! Haha! This place always gives me the classy creeps, it's too ELEGANT to ignore!

9. Seoul, Korea

Anyeong! I don't know if I spelled that right but this place is full of youthful vibe that makes you want to bring it all home! Majestic places, serene landscapes, cute fashion finds, delicious spicy foods, and all K-pop music! What more could I ask for?

10. Some places in the American State

I don't really know where to go first but I bet it'll be in California! Sacramento, Malibu, Los Angeles and the list just goes on in Cali actually and hopefully I'll be able to visit this place very very soon!!! *excited facial expression here* And then there's Florida, Washington, New York, Las Vegas, San Francisco and so so much more! 

**Photos are not mine**

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Whites & Stripes

Hi! Hello! I apologize for not updating my blog (again!) because of activities, appointments and school work.
Well anyway, this is not the post that I've been talking about last night on twitter, this post was supposed to be posted 2 weeks ago, but forget it, where here. 
So in this event, t'was the 60th birthday of the sister of my grandmother where we(guests) planned and organized a surprise birthday party for her and yep, it was all worth it.
So here's what I wore during that night, what do you readers think? :) x

#AwkwardPose #Sorry

Top: Claire's
Skirt: Online shop
Shoes: Mendrez|Women

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Parisian Class: Laces and Prints

Hello everyone!
Since I am so so in love with everything Parisian this season, I am finally posting this for you guys -- blogging about everything PARIS. So this is my first epi-post (episode-post) of "Parisian Class". So anyway, my unbiological twin AnnaBanana and I shot these photographs at the gazebo/pool area of the Waterfront Hotel and Casino Cebu City, we took the chance of shooting that day since the both of us have the free time in the morning to do it, so.. here it is! 
By the way make sure to check her facebook page Photographs | A Photography

P.S. I'll have my debut photos post soon! 
Cherrios! x

Shirt: Department Store
Skirt: Forever21
Flats: SM Parisian

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello 2014!

Hello loves! Another year has finally come to love, to endure and to live the up and coming moments of the year 2014. 
Looking back to 2013, my life has become a roller coaster ride.
But with the will power of God and the dedication of living my life, I enjoyed the ride. Even through "ups and downs", I have no regrets on riding it because I have fully become the person of who I am today.
2013 was a year full of lessons and surprising events.

So this is my first post in the year 2014. I wore something with a very inspiring color for the holiday. 

Have an awesome year ahead! x

You can never go wrong with a simple outfit with a bold color.

Cray cray

Happy Holidays! xoxo

Top & Skirt: All Gifts
Shoes: Mendrez