Whites & Stripes

Hi! Hello! I apologize for not updating my blog (again!) because of activities, appointments and school work.
Well anyway...

Parisian Class: Laces and Prints

Hello everyone!
Since I am so so in love with everything Parisian this season, I am finally posting this for you guys -- blogging about everything PARIS. So this is my first epi-post (episode-post) of "Parisian Class"...

Hello 2014!

Hello loves! Another year has finally come to love, to endure and to live the up and coming moments of the year 2014. 
Looking back to 2013, my life has become a roller coaster ride...

Bows before Brows

Oh hey! Sorry for being off track, I've been so busy these days.
Well, anyway here's an outfit post of what I wore during..

White Cat

How many times did I tell you guys saying sorry for being inactive in updating my blog?
Haha! I've been so busy this sem break like having tons of tasks and work to do...

Vintage Soiree

Hello loves! I apologize for being MIA for months, been caught up with school again. :(
Well anyways, here's what I wore to our Acquaintance Party!

Western Stripes

Hello madlang readers! Here's what I wore to last night's family dinner. 
I actually would name this post as "Tumblr Girl" because that's where I got my inspiration to this outfit...

Dainty Green

Oh yes hi guys! This week is officially a fambam week! (hashtag that)
I am so happy to be able to attend and be a part of the first ever grand reunion of the Villamor Clan specifically the clan of Lolo Roman and Lola Filomena Villamor...

Ideal School Outfit #2 - Color Blocking

Hello my lovely readers! 
Today I went to my university "again" just to finish some businesses that I left there. 
Well I'd like to share you guys what I wore today, and I know I look like a weeney in this outfit but...

Ideal School Outfit #1 - Keep it Simple

Hey Gals! I'm super back! Sorry for being MIA but I promise next week I'll be posting more blog post since next week is my family's first grand reunion and that means prepping up and prepping myself up means more fashion posts! Yay! Haha K.

It's a Polka kind'of day

Hello sweeties! Finally I'm officially enrolled at USPF! Thank God for today! Well anyway, here's what I wore at school. I was thinking of wearing something fresh but still stylish...

Pastels in Tune

Hello girls! Today I went to my university, the University of Southern Philippines Foundation(USPF) to enroll, but unexpectedly, our schedules on major subjects were not posted, so...

Keep Calm and Wear Green

Since it's the worldwide Earth Day and it's also the 41st Anniversary of my grandparents, I've decided to go Clean & Simple with Green this day because the color green...

Purple Kiss

Hello Girls! Yesterday, it was the wedding of my Aunt's bestfriend. It was one of my most memorable experiences in a wedding event, not only for the unexpected VIP... 

Glam Rock

Hello there my dear blog readers! 
Since I've been awol this summer, I had to post this very late late photos of mine during my first acquaintance party as a freshman college student that happened last year.(Yes I know, it's very LATE) 

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