Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Glam Rock

Hello there my dear blog readers! 
Since I've been awol this summer, I had to post this very late late photos of mine during my first acquaintance party as a freshman college student that happened last year.(Yes I know, it's very LATE) 

The theme for this party is called "GlamRock" which is not really my style but I was glad to be able to pull it off. But really, I am not satisfied with this look since all of my party clothes are unattended because I was living in a dorm room and it was just the first semester so I didn't bring all of my party clothes there(You know what I mean).

And so, this is what I wore which I think its more of a "drag-queen-party-girl."
Let me know what you girls think. :)

L-R: Me, Henna, Melanie, Emelyn

The tag name. Loller.

Top: Polo Club
Skirt: iCollect
Shoes: Gibi
Watch: Unisilver
Necklace: SM Accessories
Other Accessories: Blogger's own

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