Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ideal School Outfit #1 - Keep it Simple

Hey Gals! I'm super back! Sorry for being MIA but I promise next week I'll be posting more blog post since next week is my family's first grand reunion and that means prepping up and prepping myself up means more fashion posts! Yay! Haha K.
So I just had to post this since my life's a bore here. I lost one item in this post and its my flats, I left it in my dorm room so my post is obviously missing something but anyway, what I wore in this post can be an ideal outfit for your first day at school.
You can never go wrong with a plain color and a print staple in your outfit, it just matches everything perfectly! Hope you readers like it! :) 

Top: Mirabella
Leggings: Gymboree
Bag: Guess

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