Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ideal School Outfit #2 - Color Blocking

Hello my lovely readers! 
Today I went to my university "again" just to finish some businesses that I left there. 
Well I'd like to share you guys what I wore today, and I know I look like a weeney in this outfit but better post it than not :3
So this is my another idea of an ideal outfit for school. Color Blocking is just as easy as a cupcake! Just pick one color, and another one then mix it well with their corresponding shade of any accessory that would pop your outfit. Hope you guys like it! 
And by the way, I've got news for you guys so you better watch out for that. ^_^

Top: Given by Aunt
Jeans: All-in
Bag: Chanel
Flats: LeDonne

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