Monday, September 23, 2013

Sweats and Smiles

Cheerdance! Do you ever get the feeling of Excitement? Frustration? Happiness? Disappointment? Or the feeling that you almost want to give up? Well, in cheerdancing, those emotions are buckled up into one. 
And no, I am not writing this to you just to boast of how it is to be in a cheer leading team. No.
I am writing this to you guys because I want to share of what I've learned throughout this cheer journey.
I joined the squad last year. And yes, we became the Champions, again! (5 years in a row) But t'was quite a miracle because all stunts were not a part of the guidelines anymore. 

And this year, we placed as the 2nd runner up. I know, it might sound quite awful to our fellow department students because all of them were expecting that we will win the title again this year. After announcing the winner, some of my team mates were well, unhappy. But our Dean confronted us after the competition but others were still shocked about the results because of some misunderstanding with the judges.

Upper: Playing 4 Pics One word. Below: Trademarking haha! :)

USPF SBM Cheerdance 2013

Cheerdance is a lot of fun but also comes with a lot of stress, dedication, patience and hard work.
What I learned about cheerdancing is not just about the moves, steps and concentration.
I learned that whenever you want to give up, DON'T GIVE UP, JUST DON'T. 
If your choreographer or your fellow team mate scolds you if you messed up or didn't even memorized the steps, ACCEPT IT for it is the good for the team.
Long live SBM Cheerdancers!
 DISCIPLINE is what keeps your butt off from the bed. Whenever someone's late, she/he has to jog around the school for like 2-5 times.
And what I love the most about this sport is that the bond that I have with my team mates is priceless. All of us felt so close and comfortable that we treat each other like a FAMILY.

"This is dearly dedicated to my Department (School of Business and Management) and to my teammates whom I call now, my second family. :)

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